Welcome to this space where thought and words are honoured and pressed into the service of spirit, to reveal and illuminate the expansive nature of our existence . . .

The evolution of humanity is unfolding towards an epoch that is embracing wider aspects of reality into how we understand ourselves and strive to live.

This expansion of humanity’s self-understanding requires a language keyed towards the fluid expression of both physical and metaphysical reality. The purpose of this new language is to bridge the gaps between our reality as physical beings and our reality as spiritual beings, arising from the single source that is the Universe or Creator.

Because of the unitary focus of our emerging reality, humanity needs new forms of understanding that will access knowledge areas that cannot be easily accommodated by a single discipline. The emerging approaches to knowledge will need to be simultaneously inclusive and expansive, incorporating a view and appreciation of the whole.

Urban Mystic Books seeks to bring these evolving ideas to the conscious awareness of humanity. Our books and services are intended to expand and explore various aspects of our humanity that contribute to this process.

We invite those who perceive and value this panoramic view of our existence to share their insights and reflections through the beauty and light that words allow.