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LOVE, YOGA, and AWAKENING - - - $17.95

Love, Yoga, and Awakening is a series of essays on the processes that arise from and lead to spiritual awakening. Written in the form of letters and poems, it takes what appears to be a complex subject and manages to cast light on the common seams of truth between the subjects. Yoga, mystical prayer, and the centrality of love, are candidly explored and interwoven into a tapestry that reveals the hidden exchanges between life and spirit. What appears is a mural of divine intention that reveals the process of awakening to be unique and personal, and at the same time, timeless and universal.

Author: Jarcq Terra
Genre: Mysticism / Yoga / Spirituality
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" soft cover; 208 pp
ISBN: 9780973459760
Retail: $19.95 CAD

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Maria, there is no distance, no time, no space, to love’s purpose. I see you now as I saw you then, and as I will see you again, when life’s circle has turned and reached the point of my departure. In the meantime, I have embraced the peculiar patience necessary for living life. I am finding my own rhythms, cherishing those that go into syncopative harmony with my life. It is a very creative process, I am finding out. There is so much that can be done, beautifully, and creatively. It is a wonder to me—why did I not notice it before? I think I was too busy rejecting instead of embracing. When we are busy rejecting, we do not have the time to embrace what we love. It is only by embracing what we cherish that we become who we are. Love, it is a very strange thing my dear. We either go with its flow or we drown. Easier said than done, I know, especially when we are unsure where love is taking us. In the end, only God, who is love, can keep us, save us, ready us, for love’s final and full onslaught.

We all carry a luminous piece of what we call heaven within us. This hidden treasure must be uncovered in life, then sown and cultivated. When the time comes for us to disappear to wherever we disappear to, we will have given all we can to say, this is what truly matters to us. It is this kind of choosing that counts in the unfoldment of our being. When we choose well, life itself affirms our choice and destiny. As we come to God, our coming is a way of saying this is how we have chosen to know you within Creation.

Garment of Grace

You will yield up the breath
not knowing what will be.
Something else is carrying you.
You will feel it, in the absence
of your presence. Who are you really?
What you thought you were
stands aside you like a shadow
as the you you really are,
follows from behind.
Time stands apart from you
in pockets of remembrance—
it only comes to be in the doing—
otherwise it does not exist at all.

Through the corridors of your mind,
gleanings of light remain,
railings to hold on to, in the dark sea of God.
You will try to repeat the illuminations
as you feel yourself circling around them
like an eagle marking the circle of trajectory
at the last resolution of a kill.
But no such victory awaits you—
you must circle and etch
each trajectory of your soul
until who you really are is known,
and that, most of all to yourself
who must bear the weight of your being.

from, Love, Yoga, and Awakening, pgs 21 & 144