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KABIR: Songs of the Divine - - - $19.95

Kabir (1398–1518 CE) is one of the foremost mystic poets of India. Kabir’s poetry is founded on the devotional bhakti movement that heightened the mystical quest for God as a way out of the religious disunity that was being expressed between Hindus and Muslims. Kabir was pained to see how people erected barriers that kept them apart; he sought to break those barriers with the key of mysticism. Kabir’s poetic voice is incisive, direct, and revelatory. His signature is a rare astuteness married to a clear vision of our need to discover the divine that is already within us.

Author: Kabir 15th Century / Dr. J. Das
Genre: Mysticism / Poetry
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" soft cover; 208 pp
ISBN: 9780973459739
Retail: $21.95 CAD

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heartfelt meeting with God . . .

You have to meet God!
When you do, meet him fully, with your heart.
That is the one appointment of your life.
The world is a crazy dwelling place,
A strange collection of habitations.
Some laugh, some cry —
That is how it is in this city.
Happiness is costly, suffering cheap.
Saints are scarce — rare as dew drops,
Yet sin is the rage — like a deluge.
All around us — a muddy swamp,
Venturing in — one is easily stuck.
O friends! The Eternal is where you came from,
It is to the Eternal you must return.
Kabir says, “Brothers and sisters, listen to me.
It is time to have a heartfelt meeting with God.”

beyond all reckoning . . .

Death is death — the same everywhere!
So is one name, “Love.”
“Love” is God’s name.
God’s name is God’s Essence.
It is neither male nor female.
Yet it dwells within all forms,
That manifest in the world.
Still, it cannot be claimed to have form,
Nor claimed to be formless.
It cannot be weighed on any scale,
Neither can it be called light or heavy.
It is beyond hunger and thirst,
Beyond sunshine and shade,
Beyond suffering and happiness.
Yet the truth is — it dwells in you.
God’s “form” is unfathomable.
To reach him, follow the path,
Meditation is the key. Use the key!
And you will find God,
Is beyond all reckoning.

from, Kabir - Songs of the Divine, pgs. 30 & 200