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This book is an accessible rendering of the philosophy of Lao Tzu’s TAO TE CHING. The language of the text has been adapted into lucid poetry and given a focus that allows the poems to speak in unison. The result is a vibrant focusing of the text into a resonant and poignant poetry; a rare opportunity to read an ancient teacher who has a clear grasp of the nature and process of uncovering the sacred, and most unusually, the language to express it. This edition of The Book of the Way and its Way has been updated for reading aloud and meditative listening.

Author: Lao Tzu / Jarcq Terra
Genre: Spiritual Awareness / Poetry
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" soft cover; 144 pp
ISBN: 9780973459715
Retail: $18.95 CAD

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Poem / One

The way spoken of, is not the real way
The way defined, a shadow of the real

It is what remains unnamed that is the real
What we name, its creatix

Hidden from view, it is source of all
Made visible, it is all that is

Visible and invisible
Are intertwined at source
An unfathomable depth

Grasp this, and you have begun
To embrace the mystery

Poem / Fifty Eight

When rules are simple, people are relaxed
When rules are complex, people are tense

Opportunity hides in the jumble of disaster
Danger lurks under the pinnacle of success
Can you distinguish the one from the other?
Can you navigate between the two poles?

The true path may seem twisted
What is good may seem bad
There is no end to potential confusion

So those who are wise cut no corners
They do not force the issue
They keep to what is simple
And trust what is natural

from, The Book of the Way and its Way, pgs. 27 & 102