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Here are some of the websites that we see as useful for the cultivation of the mystical milieu. These sites are provided
not as a sign of endorsement, but as resources that one can utilize in the never-ending journey into the Divine Source.
As with all things informational,
discernment is a critical element. Do your own thinking, and do not suffer anyone who
tells you you may not do so or cannot do so.

A very extensive and encyclopedic gathering of sources and articles on various meta-religious subjects as far-ranging as
physics, spirituality, philosophy, esotericism.

The Gnosis Archive
A careful and in-depth tracing of Christianity’s lost mystical stream and a reexamination of some of its essential claims.

Mysticism Resources Page
A well-rounded gathering of sources on mysticism. Geared towards a scholastic audience with a view to continued
research and analysis.

Alex Grey Studios
The inclusion of a visual artist on these links highlights what seems to be a new strata in the evolution of mysticism and
the spiritual quest in general. This is a very good place to start exploring this phenomenon.

The Law of One
A searchable database of
The Law of One (by Ra, an humble messenger of The Law of One): Elkins, Rueckert, McCarty.
The Ra material is one of the most incisive and revealing texts available concerning the process of spiritual evolution as
it is being expressed on Earth.

A very far-reaching and impactive excursion into the physical and non-physical parameters that come into play in
spiritual evolution. Challenging, informative, and innovative.

A complementary site to the WingMakers website. Provides background information on the force behind the
WingMakers mythology—its source, history, and purpose.