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The great way is not an exclusive club for monks, intellectuals, or
people of power. Only you can take the steps required to reveal what
has always been within you. The journey can take many years, or it can
be as sudden as getting hit by lightning. The more you attach to the
concept of a separate self and chase desires and appearances, the longer
you will remain in the lower mind. Whether you want to call it moksha,
nirvana, enlightenment, God-consciousness, or universal awareness,
there is no need to make it another goal. One should remove all
thoughts of attaining enlightenment from the mind. If you allow the
mind to grasp it as another goal, you will most certainly miss it.

Trying to become a spiritual success is just like chasing desires, status,
and power. Take your time to get the foundation of your being
right first. The Dharma has all the steps you need to take. Almost all
religions prescribe steps for their devotees to live better lives. However,
there are specific steps that can be taken to shorten your spiritual jour-
ney to full consciousness. Enlightenment truly is indescribable in some
ways and does not need to be waved around like another prize for all
to chase. Some mind training is required if one wants to drop the ten
thousand things.

The mind creates a false sense of self and this wrong view has the potential
to cause suffering. If you are not living a spiritual existence, you
will never know the true bliss that is available in each moment. This
is why Shakyamuni Buddha said desire and attachment are the main
cause of suffering and prescribed specific steps to follow to end them.
If you simply apply these steps to your daily life, you will be walking
a higher path. When you connect back to spirit or the Buddha-nature
within, you will reveal the authentic self. Your real essence is beyond
your mind and body. You still have to bring these two elements into
alignment with the Buddha-nature or spirit, but they do not represent
a permanent self.

. . . .

Excerpt from,
Remember Zen, pgs 36-37
REMEMBER ZEN: Awaken the Buddha-nature Within

Approaches the process of awakening through Zen Buddhism and
outlines a method for shifting the Buddha-nature within.

Author: Sheldon Moore
Genre: Zen Buddhism / Awakening / Simplicity
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" soft cover; 248 pp
ISBN: 978-0-9734597-7-7
Retail: $23.95 CAD

REMEMBER ZEN: Awaken the Buddha-nature Within
Sheldon Moore / ISBN: 978-0-9734597-7-7

The Buddha-nature is a universal reality and our connection to all that is. Writing in an accessible and down-to-earth
manner, Sheldon Moore outlines this subject and connects it to Buddha Shakyamuni's Four Noble Truths. According to
Moore, the great way is accessible in ordinary life and more immediately via our connection to nature.
Remember Zen
has a very inclusive outlook that shows that the process of our awakening is not limited to any religious connection but
is rather related to our core nature as aspects of and representations of a single oneness. Still, our awakening has to
be lived and Sheldon Moore highlights some of the ways humanity must change to become an enlightened species.